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NPC 1st Annual Chamberlain Cup 2009

West Chester, PA
August 8, 2009

August 8th saw the inaugural edition of the NPC Chamberlain Cup. The show featured bodybuilding, figure and bikini. Situated in the Grand Ballroom of the Holiday Inn, West Chester, the athletes presented themselves after long months & weeks of dieting and preparation.

First up was the figure competition. The "A" class featured a newcomer to the sport; Sonia Jimenez #3 who placed 3rd. Jimenez was shapely and showing great promise for future shows. In second place was 32 - Angel Girondo who was beaten out by another newcomer Zamira Doar #2 who brought quiet confidence, classic shape and a symmetrical package to the stage.

In Figure B, Karoline Ozols-Roman took the 1st place trophy followed by Girondo who crossed over to Master Figure.

Doar, Girondo & Ozols-Roman went toe-to-toe in the Overall with Doar taking the Chamberlain Cup after a tough battle. Classic lines, shape, balance & excellent muscle tone won the day.

Among the Novice bodybuilders, #6 Jason Cottone took 3rd place behind #7 Evan Zeidler in second. First place went to Tyler Hockman from West Virginia with balance, hardness and good muscle-size.  The Novice HW 3rd place went to local athlete Matt McGee #9 from Downingtown, PA. Once he fills out that long body, he’s going to be tough to beat. 2nd went to Jason Spears #10 another long body. First was seized by a thickly muscled Kamal Saraireh from Yonkers, NY. This is Saraireh’s first show-ever.

The Novice Overall was a hands down unanimous win by Saraireh who overpowered Hockman with dense, thick muscle that was evenly distributed over his physique.

The MW class was not a mystery as Zeidler won over Cottone who faced on another earlier. #11 Joe DeAscanis walked away with first in the LHW class. Among the heavy weights, Matt McGee #9 took 4th, Jason Spears #10 took 3rd the real battle took place between Dave Embry #13 and Ross Mattis #12. Embry is just returning to the sport after a knee injury. He has an incredible wingspan with dense mature muscle. He took second to Mattis' first place. Mattis was thick and full with incredible size in his legs. He was balanced in his development with good symmetry.

The Superheavy weight class was won by newly crowned novice overall champ Kamal Saraireh.

The Overall 2009 NPC Chamberlain Cup winner was #11 Joe DeAscanis the LHW. His mature, balanced muscularity coupled with symmetry and conditioning helped push him to the top. His width, density and ability to show his physique led the judges to unanimously vote him the overall champion. The audience was likewise unanimous in its approval of the judges choice.

Todd Howe, Co-Promoter

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Prejudging, Finals and Awards

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Brian Chamberlain Figure Novice Open
Posing Figure A Lightweight
Figure B
Overall Middleweight
  Heavyweight Lt Heavy wt
  Figure Master     Heavyweight  
Overall Super Heavy
Competitors Numbers
1 5 9 13
2 6 10
3 7 11
4 8 12