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NPC Empire States 2009

Rockland Community College
Suffern, NY
July 18, 2009

As always, a long journey has come to a completion. A lot of work as with every year has gone in to doing all i can do to make sure that come show time that it will be a success! Its like being the conductor at a major symphony, there is always something that needs to be juggled, worked out or 'fixed'. There is the coordination of vendors, competitors, venue, guest posers, staff and so much more.

Although, as a promoter you are assured that the venue air conditioning will work as it should in the middle of July, you always have in the back of your mind that little voice "i hope it works, i hope it does not break day of the show". These are some of the things that went through my mind.

I am very happy with the growth of the show and the turn out this year. I go in to every show with only a few MAIN goals. 1, I want competitors and spectators to be happy, and enjoy the show; (achieved that goal). 2, I want little to no complaints (achieved that goal, in fact to the point that i had nothing but positive feedback) and 3, for everything to run smoothly (achieved that goal).

The show is only over for about 2 weeks now, but planning and design are already going in to next years show; 2010 will be even bigger and better. Thank you all competitors, spectators, friends, guest posers, staff, judges and venue for helping me make this show run smoothly and well!!



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   These are Not Proofs. Some pictures are off color due to the color lighting from the show.
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   If you are not sure what the competitor's number was, you can find it by clicking the class link, finding the person and then getting their tag number.

Prejudging, Finals and Awards - Some Pre & Finals pics may be in same gallery!
Bikini Figure Men Masters Novice Open Women BB
Overall Figure Short 35 - 45 < 176lbs Lightweight Lightweight
35 - 45 > 176lbs Middleweight Middleweight
Figure Tall 45+ Lt Heavy wt
Guests (PJ Braun, Jason Arntz, Kevin English) Overall Heavyweight Heavyweight
  Figure Masters Overall Overall Overall Overall
Competitors Numbers
1 13 25
2 14 26 38
3 27 39
4 28 40
5 17 41  
6 18 30  
19 31
8 20
9 21 33
10 22 34
23 35
12 24 36