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Files Marketing Inc DE-NJ-PA-OH

MyContestPix.com Pictures

Over 250,500 BodyBuilding pictures! Click the year to see them!     Beach Volleyball, Tennis, Track and Field...    Sports Photography...    Videography...    Web Site Development...    All pictures on this site are for SALE!!

Nicole T "I met MyContestPix at my first show in New York, and was pleased when I was able to schedule a photo shoot with them. We were able to secure a great location and take a few sets of beautiful shots. After a few helpful tips from the photographer, I picked up the posing right away and had fun!

Once I received the photos back I was blown away and couldn't believe that it was me in the pictures. MyContestPix was very fast at getting the proofs to me and helping me market myself in the industry, and I am very grateful for the time MyContestPix has spent to contribute to my future success! "

Quick Info

  • Hometown -  Brick, New Jersey
  • Occupation: Marketing Specialist
  • Age: 25
  • Height: 5'3"
  • Weight (offseason / contest): 125 lbs/109 lbs
  • Years Bodybuilding: 1 year
  • Gym you train at: Retro Fitness, Brick, NJ

Contest History

  • 2010 NPC Empire States: Bikini - 1st Place
  • 2010 NPC Muscle Beach: Bikini - 1st Place

Planned local Shows

2010 New Jersey State Championships

Goals in 2010 and beyond

To train harder and come back stronger, in 2011, achieve pro status, and explore every opportunity this industry has to offer.

Anybody special you’d like to thank?

Coach Glen of G-Force, my mother, my boyfriend Mike, and Gina Trochiano for inspiring, and supporting me throughout my journey.

How did you get started in Bodybuilding?

As a former professional dancer I have always been health conscious and into maintaining my physique. Many of the people I saw at the gym were always pushing their bodies to the limit and I enjoyed seeing them achieve their goals. Eventually, I decided that I wanted to be part of it and jumped in.

What has been your most memorable experience to date competing in the NPC?

Winning first place!

What are some of the attributes that make you successful

I believe I can do anything.

What type of training approach do you utilize?

I train heavy and hard! I push my body to the limit, and then I push some more.

What type of dieting approach do you utilize?

I eat a very clean diet, measure all of my meals and each one is timed down to the minute.

What supplements are essential to your training?

I love my BCAA's, Fish Oils, and Vitamins.