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2009 FAME Northeast USA Model Show

Figure Championships

February 14, 2009 - 10am to 5pm


   The FAME 2009 World Tour kick-off was held in none other than our very own city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, on Valentines Day this year! FAME (Fitness Athletes Models Entertainment) is well-known for building up the all-natural fitness industry for more than ten years globally, and has been the launching point for many athletes to make their mark in media from magazine covers, television appearances to even movie stints.

  We were fortunate this year to have co-founders, Jeffrey Kippel and Mindy Blackstein, come personally from Toronto to be a part of this weekend’s festivities. This FAME show was held as part of the Philadelphia Sports Extravaganza and Wellness Expo in Oaks, PA which attracted many quality sponsors, vendors as well as participants and attendees. The FAME show in particular was one of the more popular events of the weekend with a full house, and had competitors from nearby states like Virginia, Maryland and New Jersey as well as those who traveled from as far as North Carolina and even Columbia, South America! Everyone agreed the FAME show was very well-run, and proved to be inspirational for all involved. And while the winners were indeed deserving, congratulations should be doled out to everyone who competed for working hard to achieve their goals and exuding confidence and grace to take on the stage this past weekend.

   It is also noteworthy to mention that FAME is officially affiliated with the BodyProud online community (www.bodyproud.org) - now the most popular fitness community as ranked by Google hits. Being the home for FAME means many BodyProud members are already accomplished athletes, top trainers and magazine cover models. This social networking site attracts experts and fitness professionals who are very knowledgeable. In addition, several members have already undergone an incredible transformation and are eager to share with you their secrets to success. Furthermore, for those who are looking to make a name for him or herself in the fitness or physique industry, the networking capabilities of www.bodyproud.org are tremendous! We encourage everyone to create a profile, learn more about the FAME World Tour and become a part of www.bodyproud.org! You will have access to even more photos of FAME events and competitors then.

 Aruna Paramasivam,
Host/MC of FAME Northeast Model & Figure Championships

FAME USA Results
Figure - Physique Only Number
2nd - Annette Marie 255
1st - Cameesha 298
Fitness Model - Female  
3rd - Krystal 253
Annette 255
Dania 256
1st - Janet 273
Marcela 275
2nd - Cameesha 298
Fitness Model - Male  
1st Andre 252
Muscle Model - Male  
Andre 252
1st - Lance 254
Swimsuit Model - Male  
1st - Chuck 299
Swimsuit Model - Female  
2nd - Krystal 253
Annette 255
3rd - Lauren 258
Rebecca 259
Michelle 260
Danielle 274
1st - Marcela 275
Cameesha 298
Masters Female Fitness Model  
1st - Marcela 275
Masters Female Swimsuit Model
Janet 273
1st - Marcela 275

Friday Meet and Greet shots.   Fame

Introduction shots.         Fame

Figure - Physique Only shots.    Fame

Female Fitness Model shots.       Fame

Male Fitness, Muscle, & Swimsuit Model.

Female Swimsuit Model shots.    Fame

Masters Fitness & Swimsuit shots. Fame

       Awards Fame

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