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Paterson, NJ
October 2, 2010

These are very, low resolution, unenhanced pics in a small file size and will not show much detail.

These are Not Proofs. Some pictures may be off color due to the lighting from the show. When you go to the large picture page, click the up arrow key  to get back to the main gallery page. Close the popup to get back to this page.

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Show Results:  

Show Results

Prejudging, Finals and Awards
Some Pre & Finals pictures will be in same gallery!

Some Proofs from the show!

Proofs (thumbnails) (Will not work with Chrome)  
Proof 01
Proof 02
Proof 03
Proof 04
Proof 05
Proof 06
Proof 07
Proof 08
Proof 09
Proof 10
Proof 11
Proof 12
Proof 13
Proof 14
Proof 15
Proof 16
Proof 17
Proof 18
Proof 19
Proof 20
Proof 21
Proof 22
Proof 23
Proof 24
Proof 25
Proof 26
Proof 27
Proof 28
Proof 29
Proof 30
Proof 31
Proof 32