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Brick HS
Brick, NJ
August 7, 2010

These are very, low resolution, unenhanced pics in a small file size and will not show much detail.

These are Not Proofs. Some pictures may be off color due to the lighting from the show. When you go to the large picture page, click the up arrow key  to get back to the main gallery page. Close the popup to get back to this page.

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Show Results:  
The 2010 Jason Arntz Muscle Beach show was packed with great competition and excitement! With over 75 competitors and guest posers featuring Jason Arntz, Shawn Rhoden and Craig Richardson, the audience was kept in constant awe.

The competition was tough all around, specifically in the middleweight and light heavy weight classes. These group of guys brought their A game and the judging was difficult.

Norberto Rivera walked away with the overall mens title and captured the Rodney Roller most muscular award. The other overall winners, Gloria Faulls (Womans BB), Casey Cunliffe (Figure), Nicole Tassinaro(Bikini) andRay Green (Novice), were all deserving of the title as well.

Having been the first show for these two promoters working together, Jason Arntz and Glenn Nowland, Muscle Beach was a huge success!!!

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Prejudging and Finals